Animal Kingdom – Color Me, Draw Me – Millie Marotta Adult Coloring Book

Animal Kingdom - Color Me, Draw Me - Millie Marotta Adult Coloring Book

A brilliant, wonderful book, it will Captivate grown-ups and Enchant young ladies and young men. Printed front and back of every page!

This is an astounding, delightful, well made shading book that will Captivate grown-ups and Enchant all school matured young men and young ladies.

Each and every page is loaded with creative, complicatedly decorated feathered creatures, creatures, butterflies or fish. Some enhanced with blossoms and leaves others with geometrical shapes and outlines. On 5 pages creatures have been copied without the embellishments so you can add your own to make pictures that are remarkably yours. Some pages have blossoms, trees, and leaves beautifying the pages and also enhancing the creatures.

An immaculate expansion to your shading library, or present for grown-ups, understudies and school matured youngsters that appreciate itricate shading. My 8 year old grandson was here today evening time when I got the book and he is so energized, as he turned the pages he began bouncing here and there and it was Grandma I need to shading the snake, the raccoon, the deer, the bunny, the turtle, the chicken, at last practically every page in the book.

The spread picture is a collection of pictures in the book, not a photo that is really in the book and I discovered numerous outlines all through the book that I like superior to the example pictures indicated so I am going to include my top picks and two or three my minimum most loved one’s for you.

1. 88 pages to shading, 16 2 page delineations and 56 single page representations, printed front and back of every page, on overwhelming weight, white paper.

2. The examples are extremely complicated and itemized so Colored pencils, or Fiskars Gel pens function admirably in this book, and all dim Fiskars hues that I attempted did not seep through the paper.

3. I am going to utilize Fiskars Gel Pens and Crayola Watercolor pencils then conceivable my Prismacolor shading pencils.

4. I additionally tried Irma Gel pens and the dull blue seeped through the paper.

5. Each marker that I tried seeped through the pages onto the back, markers included (Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Triplus shading Fiber tip pens (the dull hues seeped through different hues haphazardly) Sharpie ultra fine, Bic Mark it ultra fine, Crayola skinnies.

6. Book is Square, 9 7/8ths x 9 7/8ths inches.

7. I requested this out of stock book on May first and got it from Amazon on May tenth, just 10 days. It was recorded as out of stock the day I requested it and still is drilled down of stock, so don’t give that prevent you from requesting this stunning shading a chance to book.

8. Feathered creature sweethearts cheer, there are 20 winged creature representations in this great book.


1. 14 of the pages have content on the page somewhere. Case: Just over the raccoons head this content is printed (Add some shading to the criminal covered raccoon.) Personally I don’t care for content in a grown-up shading book and particularly in the shading territory. However with content just on14 pages regardless we have 74 pages without content so I am not decreasing my star rating.

2. Printed front and back of every page, all markers and some gel pens seep through the pages.

3. A couple of the pictures have a few zones with miniscule points of interest, this is truly not a con since you can simply shading over those ranges and the lines will get to be accents like shadows and composition.

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